Pool Pump FAQ’s

By April 6, 2016 Helpful Tips
Jacuzzi Pool Pump

If you own an old pool pump, chances are you’ve had to troubleshoot an issue here or there. Sometimes the issue is nothing more than a small fix and other times requires a bit more poking and prodding. This makes sense, considering pool pumps are the heart of your pool and work hard to make sure your water is well circulated and clean. Knowing this, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions to help put an end to any issues you may be having.

Why is my pool pump so noisy?

Why is my pump not producing any water flow?

No water flow can be a frustrating issue to deal with. This can be caused by clogged pool equipment or faulty seals and gaskets . This is usually a simple fix, but requires a bit of problem solving.

First check the skimmer and baskets. Lift the skimmer lid and see if there are any debris blocking the skimmer. Remove any debris with a hose, replace skimmer basket and put the lid back on. Also take note of water levels. Low water levels will reduce the amount of water returning to you pump and cause flow issues. Add water if needed.

The second area you’ll want to check is your pool filter. A clogged pool filter will block water and reduce the water flow. Check your filter gauge. If it’s getting close to 10 psi above your clean reading, it’s time to clean and/or replace cartridges.

Next check your pump impeller. If debris is present, remove and the impeller and clean out the debris. A clogged impeller will limit the pumps functionality and prevent water from flowing as it should.

Check to see if you have an air leak within the suction side of the pump. Often times a bad o-ring is the culprit. Remove the pump lid and check the o-ring. If it has cracks or it no longer fits as it should, it’s time to replace.

If you don’t have a leak within the suction side of the pump, you’ll want to check the pressure side. A pressure leak will cause a lack of flow back to the pool return ports. Check your gaskets in ,both, pump and filter. A bad gasket is usually the cause so if they look worn, replace and reassemble.

Why is there water underneath my pump?

If you see water that has built up underneath your pump, chances are you have a pressure side leak. This can be caused by a couple different things, but all relatively simple enough to fix.

First you’ll want to check your pumps impeller housing o-ring and shaft seal. Our recommendation would be to go out and by a go kit. Go kits contain all seals, or-rings and sealant for your pool pump and are pretty cheap. If your going to take your pump apart to check these components, you might as well cover all your bases and avoid future issues as these items will eventually wear.

Why is my pump basket only half filled with water?

If your pump basket is low on water you’ll have to prime the pool pump. To do this follow these simple steps below.

First disconnect any power to the pool pump and move the diverter valve so that the main drain side is off.

Next, relieve the existing pressure from the pool pump and water line. To relieve pressure, turn the air relief valve counter clockwise on your pool filter. You will hear air escape as the filter pressure will drop down to zero on the filter guage.

Open the pool pump lid and remove the strainer basket. Clean out any debris with a hose, then fill the top of the pump up with a garden hose and replace the pump basket. Put back on the pump lid and set the pool return to open on the diverter valve to allow water back into the pool.

Next, turn power back on to the pump and check that the water flow in the strainer box is flowing freely.

At this point the air relief valve should still be open. Wait until water starts to flow out of the relief valve, then close it. After about 60 seconds or so water should be flowing freely inside the strainer box (top of pump). If it’s not repeat the above steps.

Next, slowly switch the diverter valve back to half way between skimmer and main drain. If problem exists, you most likely have something blocking water flow. If so check the pump impeller for debris and filter pressure. Remove any debris and clean filter if the filter gauge a high psi rating (about 10 psi above clean reading).

Why is my pump humming and won’t start?

A pump that just seems to humm and never turn over can be really frustrating for pool owners. Luckily there’s a couple quick troubleshooting items to check before calling it quits and ordering a new motor.

First turn the power off and take apart the pool pump to reveal the impeller. This is easily done by removing screws in the middle of the pump body. Once done, pull assembly out of the housing and remove the gasket away from the impeller. Check to see if any debris is caught within the impeller and make sure the impeller moves freely. Remove the debris and re-assemble.