Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Jacuzzi® pool products last?

All Jacuzzi® pool products are made to last for years of use. Jacuzzi® pool equipment is built to cutting-edge equipment standards, of the very best materials, so that pool owners can relax worry-free. To that end, all Jacuzzi® pool equipment comes with full manufacturer’s warranties: 5 years for Variable Speed Pumps, Salt Cells, Heaters, and Heat Pumps, and 3 years for Single Speed Pumps, Filters, Salt Controllers and Cleaners. See individual product pages for more details!

Where can I buy Jacuzzi® pool equipment?

A complete line of Jacuzzi® pool equipment is offered at Leslie’s Pool Supplies retail stores across the country- as well as online at To find a store near you, you can use the store locator here.

Are Jacuzzi® pool products compatible with other manufacturers?

While Jacuzzi® pool products are designed to work optimally together, most pool equipment can be safely “mixed and matched”. Depending on installation, Jacuzzi® pool products might not work with your existing pool automation technology. We recommend installation by a qualified technician.

Where can I find replacement products for Jacuzzi® pool products?

All Jacuzzi® pool equipment sold today has a full line of parts available for your maintenance needs. Check out individual product pages to find links to the part lists, or contact your local Leslie’s store for pricing and availability. For parts on Jacuzzi products other than pool equipment, please contact the original dealer from whom you purchased the product.

How can I obtain an Owner's Manual for Jacuzzi® pool products?

When you purchase Jacuzzi® pool products, the original box will contain a printed owner’s manual. If you need an additional digital copy, they can be found on each individual product page as a downloadable PDF.

Where can I find more details about other Jacuzzi® products, like hot tubs or bathtubs?

More information about the wide range of Jacuzzi® products can be discovered on the website.

How do I change the timers/speed on my Jacuzzi® Variable Speed Pump?

The timers and speed can be adjusted by following the step by step instructions in the J-VSP Programming Guide HERE.

We’ve experienced a power outage, do I have to reset the clock and timers on my Jacuzzi® Variable Speed Pump?

The Jacuzzi® Variable Speed Pump has a super capacitor that will retain memory for up to 10 days after a power outage. Should you need to reset the clock or timers, please refer to the J-VSP Programming Guide HERE.

Does the Jacuzzi® Variable Speed Pump have freeze protection?

The Jacuzzi® Variable Speed Pump does not have built-in freeze protection. Like other pumps in its class, the Jacuzzi® VSP will require users to put the pump in manual mode on low speed at 800-1100 RPM on those freezing nights. This will keep water movement through the plumbing at a very low cost of electricity. You may also install a freeze protection unit and put the pump in manual mode to operate when it freezes. Please refer to the J-VSP Programming Guide for step by step instructions on adjusting the speed HERE.

The Jacuzzi® J-D300 Cleaner is getting stuck in the deep end. How do I fix this?

This may be caused by too much buoyancy. The cleaner mat cannot suck on the pool surface very well, so the suction power is not enough to make the cleaner move forward. You may try to turn up the pump power. Also, please refer to the Jacuzzi® J-D300 Guide HERE to ensure the three hose weights are placed at the correct positions on the hose.

The Jacuzzi® J-D300 Cleaner is only cleaning half of the pool. How do I fix this?

This may be caused by the hose being too short. Please refer to the Jacuzzi® J-D300 Guide HERE for a diagram of how to adjust the length of the hose. Additionally, you may need to adjust the pool’s return line eyeball diverter and ensure the main drain is not interfering with the cleaner.

The Jacuzzi® J-D300 Cleaner vibrates while in operation. Is this normal?

It is normal for the cleaner to shake while in operation. If the cleaner shakes violently, this may be due to excessive water flow. We suggest checking the regulator valve and reducing the RPM on your pump to 2000-2400 RPM.

I have an existing pad but it is not level. Does the Jacuzzi® J-H127C Heat Pump need to be level to operate correctly?

Yes – It is imperative to the operation of the heat pump to have a level pad. A proper level pad allows the compressor and internal fluids to operate per design and to minimize operational vibration.

How many AMPs are needed for the Jacuzzi® J-H127C Heat Pump?

The Jacuzzi® J-H127C Heat Pump requires a 60A 240V dedicated breaker.

I noticed there is one port on one side of the tank and two ports on the other side of the Jacuzzi® J-DEQ80 Cartridge Filter. What are they for?

The one port on the drain side of the filter is your intake port. The two ports on the other side give you two outlet options. It does not allow you to use any of the outlet ports for an intake. You may choose which outlet port to use to suit your best plumbing option.

How do I winterize the Jacuzzi® J-SF24 Sand Filter for the freezing months?

To winterize your filter, first backwash the filter, then unscrew the small drain on your drain cap. This will allow the water to drain from the tank and it also has a small screen that does not allow the sand to drain. Leave the cap off and store in a safe place. You can then replace the cap on start up next season.

Where can I find the schematics of my Jacuzzi® product?

General specifications can be found on the products information page. Simply click on the Pool Products tab, select your product, and scroll down to the Specifications page. For more detailed schematics, contact us by clicking on the Support tab at the top of the page!

How do I register my Jacuzzi® product for warranty?

If you are a Leslie’s Rewards Member and a Leslie’s technician has installed your new Jacuzzi® products, then the warranty information is stored in under your account. If a third party has provided installation, then you will need to show proof of installation to keep the warranty valid, along with your receipt as proof of purchase.

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