Taking Care Of Your Salt Chlorinator

By May 16, 2016 Helpful Tips
Jacuzzi Pool Salt System

So, you know that using a Salt Chlorinator provides you with better swimming pool water, a more eco-friendly way to save money and reduces the chemicals in your pool. But how do you maintain the Salt System once you’ve purchased and installed it?

JSS40-010How does it work?
Salt Chlorinator’s convert basic table salt into chlorine. The Salt Cell then turns the salt into hypochlorous acid, the same component that is produced when chlorine is added to pool water. After, the water returns to the pool with newly produced chlorine, producing safer, healthier pool water without the harsh effects of chemicals.

How can I clean my salt cell?
Properly maintaining your equipment is essential for longer life expectancy. To get the most out of your salt cell, it is recommended that you inspect the cell once a week during pool season and every other week during the off season. Clean as it is necessary.

In order to clean your salt cell, you’ll need to turn off the power and remove the salt cell from your plumbing. Then you’ll need to mix one part hypochloric acid with five parts water in a container (don’t forget gloves and eye protection!). Once that mixture is made, soak your salt cell for five minutes and rinse. If your salt cell doesn’t have that much buildup yet, you might be able to clean it with water pressure once it’s disconnected.

When should I replace my salt cell?
Jacuzzi® Salt Cells last up to five years with proper care! They’re also designed with a clear, see-through housing so that you can easily see if and when it needs to be cleaned. As a part of it’s low maintenance design, your Salt Chlorinator’s control panel will tell you when the cell needs to be replaced. However, it wouldn’t hurt to check inside your salt cell to ensure it’s not too worn out, damaged, or compromised with scale buildup.

Some symptoms you can look out for are a foaming blue/green soapy substance on the cell, scale and mineral salt deposits that build up, and sudden chlorine level drops that result in unbalanced pool water chemistry. If cleaning doesn’t resolve these problems, it could be time for a replacement salt cell.

Inspecting your equipment is imperative to keep your swimming pool clean, clear and healthy. As long as your equipment is well taken care of and properly maintained, it will last you season after season. Salt Chlorinator’s are a eco-friendly, affordable way to maintain high-quality pool water that’s sparkling clear all year round.